Wirraminna Plants & Animals

What Bird is That? Worksheet

Students and teachers can use this work sheet to check on local species in our area.

Wirraminna’s Ghosts

How many threatened species can you find throughout Wirraminna? As well as the PDF above you can also download the original art outlines of the twenty Wirraminna ghost animals.

Bush Treasure Hunt

Use this worksheet when walking around Wirraminna.

Wildlife Habitat Hunt

Can you find these animals’ habitats (where they might live)?

Macroinvertebrate Survey

Water bugs (freshwater macro invertebrates) are all those wriggly things living in our lake and surrounding waterways. This guide provides some basic information to conduct your own water bug survey.


Wirraminna Discovery Maps

Wirraminna Discovery Trail Map

Wirraminna Orienteering Map

Wirraminna Detectives Map

Wirraminna Self Guided Tour Brochure


Colouring In

Animals and Plants of the NSW Murray Region Colouring-in Book

Fish of the Murray Region Colouring-in Book