Giving young girls the chance to gain knowledge, confidence and skills to make the most of future career pathways, and inspiring them to see the strength in supporting one another.

A future where all young girls are knowledgeable, healthy and empowered is our vision for the Sisters who SHINE program.

Co-developed by Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre and Petaurus Education Group, this charity-led program aims to connect young girls in their community and support them in building a sisterhood that inspires these young girls to see the strength in supporting each other.

The program runs from one to five days during the school holidays in a fun and safe outdoor environment. Activities will be run by experienced and friendly female educators and will include mentorship from other women from within the local community. Each day will be based on one of five themes:

Cultural Heritage
Innovative Ideas



Our Mission

  • Provide young girls with the opportunity to connect with and understand their rural community from a scientific, cultural heritage, innovative, nature and empowerment perspective
  • Improve the wellbeing of young girls in the community
  • Help mitigate the stigma surrounding girls working together as a team
  • Support these girls in developing the knowledge, skills and confidence required to make the
    most of potential career pathways for themselves
  • Inspire young girls to see the strength in empowering each other.

For more information about upcoming events and to keep up to date with the program, please visit our Facebook page.