Farm Art in the Bush

Farm Art in the Bush, or in the Bush, is an event held at Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre. The event attracts dozens of local and interstate artists and hundreds of visitors, travelling long distances to attend and enjoy the displays. The art pieces are displayed amongst the spectacular natural scenery on the banks of the Wirraminna billabong.

What is Farm Art?

An artistic display made of suitable material usually found on a farm, workshop or demolition yard with the emphasis on Rust, Recycle, Reconfigure, Repurpose, depicting what ever your imagination and skills can devise that encompasses the theme ‘Farm Art’. The artist can use any recycled repurposed or reused material to create an original piece of Farm art / Garden art. The work must be suitable for outdoor display.

Farm art works are sculptures made from recycled materials and pieces that can be found lying around on the farm. You may see a dog made of old car parts or a pig shaped mailbox. Admire the art works and then spend some time in the unique wetlands that make up Wirraminna.


Art Programs


Botanical Drawing and Art

Wirraminna Discovery Centre is a fantastic space to host artistic workshops.

With funding from the Country Arts Support Program, Wirraminna hosted a Botanical Art workshop with both an adult’s day and a day for children in 2016. Using all the local flowers found in the park, individuals used drawing techniques to create amazing botanical drawings. Local resident artist Wendy Wiltshire ran the workshops.

The following year, in conjunction with Murray Arts and international artist Joanne Driver, Wirraminna hosted an event for people to come and build their own Pollinator Inn or Bee Hotel. Karen Retra, a bee enthusiast, presented information about the pollinators found in the park and then followed with a walk through Wirraminna to identify them.


Discovery Centre Gallery Wall

In 2018, funding was received from NSW Government Liquor and Gaming for a gallery refurbishment inside the Wirraminna Discovery Centre. This dedicated art gallery provides an art exhibition and teaching space, with a current focus on modern Indigenous art, culture and nature. New fixed wall panels with gallery and shop lighting create an inviting space. This space changes regularly, please contact us if you wish to exhibit your work.