This intensive seed production site is devoted to producing local shrub and wildflower seed for revegetation projects. Some of the plants we grow are well known wildflowers, such as Everlastings, Chocolate lilies and Bluebells. We also grow less showy plantains, sedges and grasses, which are just as important in grassland ecosystems. Restoring Box-Gum Grassy Woodland depends on the availability of seed from many of the understorey plants, which are now locally rare. Our Seed Production Area is designed to grow these important plants to harvest sufficient quantities of seed. The seed will be used to restore the ground layer ecosystems around the region by planting and direct seeding. In partnership with Corowa District Landcare, in 2017 and 2018, funding was provided for new plantings and seed collection for plants found in the region.

The native grass display was established in 2003. Approximately 40 of the 80 or more local native species, are planted here to show the diverse range of grasses that grew in the Box–Gum Grassy Woodlands of this area.

The greatest biodiversity in our landscape is the ground layer. Many small shrubs, grasses, herbs and sedges provide important habitat for reptiles, frogs, birds and invertebrates. Clearing, grazing and cultivation for farming has meant this is complex ecosystem has largely disappeared.