Nest box

Wirraminna first documented surveys of our nestboxes in 2010, but it is only since 2016 we have regularly surveyed the nest boxes for occupancy. From this data, charts and graphs have been compiled to have a better understanding what animals prefer, by noting box height, tree species etc. Using a pole camera, the nestboxes are monitored once a month within the Wirraminna park.  Separately, since 2018, a Squirrel glider survey using a pole camera has been taking place in the Burrumbuttock Woodland. Currently, Wirraminna park has 56 boxes and 16 in the Woodlands.

Why do we monitor our nest boxes?

  • To confirm that we have Squirrel gliders,
  • Ascertain if the glider population is increasing or decreasing,
  • Record patterns of animal behavior,
  • Record occupancy by other animal species, including birds, lizards, frogs, bats and insects,
  • Check for any box maintenance.

The results from each survey are entered into survey sheets, then collated into graphs and recorded per each individual nest box. All this data is available upon request.

Check out some of the amazing night vision footage we have captured of animals using nest boxes in the park!