The ‘Dr Dave’ series is an initiative of the Murray-Darling Association and Burrumbuttock Public School.

The videos were generously supported and funded by the Murray Catchment Management Authority, Caring For Our Country, Landcare NSW, Communities in Landscape, Murray-Darling Basin Authority and the NAB Schools First program.

This Murray Catchment of NSW series consists of the four videos and their accompanying factsheets.


Alien fish are a big problem in the Murray-Darling Basin. Learn what alien fish are, and why they are a problem in the Basin.

Running time 4:28.

Alien Fish Factsheet

The Curlew is a vulnerable species of bird. Learn about why bushlands are important to the Curlew and how we can work together to help them survive.

Running time 2:34.

Bush Stone-curlew Factsheet

There are many native fish in Murray-Darling Basin. Learn about some of the native fish in our rivers and why the conserving the environment is important for their survival.

Running time 2:51.

Native Fish Factsheet

The Murray River turtle is a native species of the Murray-Darling Basin. Observe a Murray River turtle being released back into the waterway.

Running time 2:55.

Murray River Turtle Factsheet