We have developed a Energy and Water Saving Education Kit for schools. This kit is designed for Stage 2 and 3 students to help them to understand how energy use and water used can impact on climate change. There are many activities for teachers to use to support these concepts and to aid in the teaching of the new Curriculum. This kit can be used to assist teachers before and after visits involving the Sustainability Trailer. The kit contains teacher notes and lessons on energy saving, electricity, sources of energy and solar cars and equipment.

DOWNLOAD: Energy and Water Saving Education Kit for Schools


What’s in the kit?


1.1 Who is this kit for?

1.2 Curriculum Outcomes

1.3 Teaching for Sustainability

1.4 Allegorical Apple



2.1 Energy Sources

2.2 Solar Energy

2.3 Wind Energy

2.4 Coal Electricity Generation



3.1 Electricity Consumption

3.2 Using Electricity

3.3 Consumption Habits

3.4 Energy Efficiancy Rating

3.5 Saving Energy


4.1 Water Facts and Figures

4.2 Measuring Water

4.3 Using Water

4.4 Saving Water



Useful Websites

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Appendix 1 – Allegorical Apple

Appendix 2 – Energy Sources

Appendix 3 – Sample Energy Bill

Appendix 4 – Water Facts and Figures




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