Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre, and programs like Creative Catchment Kids, requires continual support from key partners. Currently, we are partnering with the following organisations and businesses for a number of key projects.

State and Federal Government Agencies
Key agencies we have partnered with include Murray and Riverina Local Land Services (previously Catchment Management Authorities), NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd. and regional schools.

PeeKdesigns is an environmental education, community engagement and graphic design business. They developed an innovative program called Enviro-Stories in 2009 and Creative Catchment Kids has been part of this program since 2011. We have been working with PeeKdesigns on many projects in recent years for the development of education materials, consulting on project promotion, website development and supporting the implementation of Creative Catchment Kids.

The Next Steps

The future of our Centre and its education initiatives is vast. In particular, we have the vision of expanding Creative Catchment Kids across south-eastern Australia, including southeast New South Wales, eastern Victoria and most of the Murray-Darling Basin. We plan to reach more schools by developing strong partnerships with funding organisations and people with skills, expertise and a passion to make a difference.

Your contribution

Would you like to be part of Creative Catchment Kids, or any of our other projects? If you are, then please contact Owen Dunlop on 0412 886 642 or email to find out what benefits your organisation or business can achieve from the level of support provided.

Past and Present Supporters

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