Bringing nature to the classroom

Wirraminna on Wheels is our preschool outreach program where our environmental educators come to you to deliver a range of fun activities about the local environment.

Kathie Le Busque, an environmental educator with a strong background in science, can deliver a range of activities at your school or preschool. 


Live Water Bug Experience 

Kathie offers a hands-on interactive experience where children can capture, sort into groups and identify water bugs collected from your local waterway. At the end of the session children will appreciate the many different types of water bugs, have an understanding of their life cycles and why they are important for a healthy environment.

Time: 45min –1 hour session, best in Term 1, 2, or 4

“We thoroughly enjoyed the hands on experience we had with the water bugs. The children really enjoyed being able to scoop up the bugs and view them close up. The follow on talk was meaningful and very informative.”

– URANQUINTY Preschool

Aussie Animal Habitats 

Through searching for our puppets that have been strategically placed in different areas of your playground or local reserve, children will learn about Aussie Animal Habitats and what different animals need to survive. The session finishes with a story time focussed on the different Aussie Animals found ‘Out in the Bush’.

Time: 45min session

Magnetic Fishing Game  

Children will ‘fish’ in the river using a magnetic rod and fish and through this will learn about native and pest fish in our Murray River. Once they have captured the fish, they will measure them and use charts to identify and categorise species of fish, understand size/bag limits as well as learning how to manage pest fish populations. 

Time: 45min session

Bush Treasure Hunt 

On a Bush Treasure Hunt children must search for items that animals see as treasure. From twigs to make a nest to a chewed leaf that has provided a snack, children must find this Bush Treasure and create a collage. 

Time: 45min session


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