Lake Victoria is located in south west New South Wales, near the borders of Victoria and South Australia. It is in the traditional lands of the Barkindji people. This video series looks at the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage importance of Lake Victoria and how the local community are working with management authorities to preserve and protect Aboriginal culture in and around Lake Victoria, as well as pass on important knowledge to todays generation of future land managers and custodians.

This DVD was an initiative of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, the Murray Darling Association, Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre and the NSW Office of Water. Funding was provided by Western Local Land Services.


This video defines some of the words/terminology used when talking about Aboriginal culture. These terms include: Elder, Burial Site, Midden, Scar Tree, Caring for Country, Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country. These terms are defined by the Barkindji mob from Lake Victoria, NSW.

Lake Victoria is located in New South Wales near the borders of South Australia and Victoria. The lake is a remote water storage that is fed by the Murray and Darling River catchments. It is an important place for local Aboriginal culture with evidence of occupation up to 45,000 years ago. It is very rich in cultural heritage with new artefacts, burials and middens still being uncovered everyday. The local Elders and management authorities are working together to protect and preserve the sites’ cultural heritage.

Lake Victoria was drained in 1994 for maintenance and as a result a lot of Aboriginal sites and artefacts were discovered. These included skeletons and burial sites, stone artefacts, scarred trees, grinding stones, spear heads, middens and more. Lake Victoria has one of the densest findings of Aboriginal culture in Australia.

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A short video that showcases the beautiful scenery of Lake Victoria, NSW.

Highlighting how schools can learning more about Aboriginal Culture by knowing who to contact and how culture is traditionally taught on Country.

Tamika Smith, a member of the Barkindji community, reflects on how important Lake Victoria is to her, as her knowledge was passed down to her by her grandfather.

This clip looks at the various people/organisation who are working together to protect the Aboriginal history and culture at Lake Victoria, New South Wales. These groups include engineers, the Aboriginal community, water manager and farmers.