In this series of short videos Stacee looks at the role of the water cycle and how water is appreciated, used and managed in regions around the Murray Region of NSW.

Find out how the water cycle works and contributes to the people, economy, culture, food production and environment of the Murray-Darling Basin.

Running time: 3 segments, 12:06

Segment 1 – How it works

Segment 2 – The role of water in the lives of communities

Segment 3 – How people are trying to improve water use.

Find out how homes in Albury receive water and the process of making clean and healthy drinking water.

Running time: 3:31

Find out where water in Albury goes after it is used and the process of getting water back into the environment.

Running time: 3:13

This video is a Creative Catchment Kids case study prepared by students from Moulamein Public School. Find out what makes the Edward River “small but special”.

Running time: 9:26