Bush Stone-curlew © Chris Tzaros

Weir-loo weir-loo…

Bush Stone-curlews call in joy as a new school education resource to raise awareness of their plight is developed.

The ‘Learning about Bush Stone-curlews’ resource has been developed to provide an opportunity for students to learn about an iconic Australian species – the Bush Stone-curlew.

PeeKdesigns education consultants in partnership with Petaurus Education Group have created this resource for the Nature Conservation Working Group (NCWG). The Nature Conservation Working Group is a non-government, not-for-profit, environmental group that is comprised of like-minded landholders who have a desire to ensure the survival of the iconic Bush Stone-curlew.

Unit description

‘Learning about Bush Stone-curlews’ provides a comprehensive unit of work looking at a Bush Stone-curlew’s:

  • physical characteristics
  • structural adaptations
  • behavioural adaptations
  • scientific classification
  • habitat, diet and breeding
  • conservation status, threats and recovery.

The resource is aimed at students between Years 3-7 and can be used either as a whole unit or as separate individual activities. Some information sheets and activities may also be appropriate for younger or older students.


Peter Coleman, co-founder of PeeKdesigns, is the creator of this new resource that was originally ‘just an idea’ by members of the Nature Conservation Working Group a few years ago.

“What has been created is a Year 3-7 unit of work for looking at all aspects of the Bush Stone-curlew,” explained Peter at the recent launch in Albury.

“We created a mascot for the project – Curl the Bush Stone-curlew,” said Peter. “Curl thinks he is the star of this resource and he features prominently to make it fun for the students.”

Photo: Owen Dunlop and Peter Coleman with the new Bush Stone-curlew education resource.